CMT3313 (CW2) – Conclusion

Final results.
The aim of the application was accomplished. The data-sharing system has achieved an approximation of 95% accuracy, as this can easily be achieved a 100% by using APIs which are not provided at this time.

Final functionalities of the application and the web-site


  • Log In
  • Log Out
  • View daily experience gain
  • view skill percentage with three different targets to choose from
  • adding/deleting friends
  • sending and receiving friends requests
  • ignoring/accepting friends requests
  • adding/deleting RuneScape accounts
  • Changing the privacy to on or off of the RuneScape Accounts.
  • Calibrating the Inventory and the Ability bar.
  • Transmitting the images and data
  • Extracting data and images from the ability bar
  • Viewing another user’s inventory, ability bar and all the extracted data from the images.


  • Registering User
  • Log In
  • Log Out
  • View daily experience gain
  • View skill percentage with three different targets to choose from
  • Download the application

The following is a list of improvements to both the website and the application that were considered, but required a longer time to develop which would exceed the deadline of this assignment.

  • Improving web-site User Interface
  • Adding friends and RuneScape accounts from the web-site
  • Multiple instances when viewing data from multiple users (ideal to be used in clans, where there is multiple users to share data with)
  • Adding hardware and Audio messages/warnings when the in-game bars are low.

The application was tested of two different systems using OS X Yosemite.

XCode provides an information panel showing the resource usage during the run-time of the application. This was used during the testing of the product to view the efficiency of the functions. The screen shots below shows two systems and their specifications followed by the resources used by the application at it’s highest peek.

System 1.

Macbook pro (early 2011) Specifications.

system 1

system 1-1

CPU usage between 10%-12%

RAM between 27-38MB

Network up to 120kb/s

On this system the energy impact is on high while transmitting to data and drops back to low on normal usage.

System 2.

Mac Pro (late 2013) Specifications.

system 2

system 2-2

CPU usage between 1%-3%

RAM between 27-38MB

Network up to 120kb/s

The energy impact on this system is on low at all times.


SWIFT & COCOA. — provided two courses for SWIFT, and another for COCOA and was used as a first resource to learn the language. for further SWIFT resources

Other material used to complete the application were videos found on youtube.

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